Student Achiever

Title Class Session Achievement/Remarks Attachment File Photo
Suhani won National Best Achievent Award 2022 - 2022

Suhani won National Best Achievent Award. She clear referee test and become Teakwondo referee.

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Saksham Yadav in Parliament X B 2022 - 2022

Saksham Yadav in Parliament, she also delivered a speech there A moment of Pride for KV Highgrounds

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Regional Sports Meet 2022-23 2022 - 2023

Sports Updates
1. Gurmeet Singh won 2 gold medals in throwing event (Discuss and Hammer throw).
2. Tanishka won bronze medal in discuss throw.
3. Sunakshi got bronze and Kashish got silver medal in 200 m.

Total 5 medals in Regional Athletics meet and Total 50 medals in Regional Sports Meet 2022-23 of KV AFS Highgrouds.

सीबीएसई टॉपर्स/ CBSE Toppers XII 2021-22 XII 2021 - 2022


सीबीएसई टॉपर्स / CBSE Toppers 2021-22 X 2021 - 2022

CBSE X Toppers 2021-22

School Achievements 2022 - 2022

Sports Achievements: -
a. Niduman of class VI-C won gold medal in SKAP Punjab State Karate Championship 2022.
b. Saksham Class IX- B got Gold medal in Haryana State 7th Cadet taekwondo Championship 2020-21, held on 26th to 28th Feb 2021 and Gold medal in Haryana State 8th Cadet taekwondo Championship 2020-21, held on 18th to 20th Sep 2021.

Achievements in Scouts/ Guides : -
a. 2 Cubs and 2 Bulbul participated in GOLDEN ARROW BADGE
b. Akash deep Kaur received a cash prize of Rs one thousand after completing GOLDEN ARROW BADGE.
c. 6 Guides and 6 scouts participated in TRITIYE SOPAN TESTING CAMP.
d. 5 Guides and 5 scouts participated in RAJYA PURASKAR TESTING CAMP

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